Inchoate by Waymazy

Artwork created in 2020.
Album released in 2022.

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Recipient of "Instrumental Solo Artist of The Year" at the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards after releasing his debut album, Inchoate, last year.

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"Stratford musician's debut album nominated for Canadian Folk Music Award"

Quoted from Stratford Beacon Herald article, February 2023:

"Stratford musician and five-time Canadian step-dance champion Kyle Waymouth has been nominated for best instrumental solo artist of year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for his debut album, Inchoate, released last year."

- Stratford Beacon Herald

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"Kyle Waymouth Steps Into The Spotlight With First Album."

Quoted from Stratford Beacon Herald article, October, 2020:

"The instrumental album, with artwork from Stratford’s Claire Scott, is a melodic mix of banjo and guitar with other elements in the background, like electronic percussion sounds that give it an element similar to dance music."

- Stratford Beacon Herald.

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