Matilda Swanson Galleries

"Matilda Swanson Galleries specializes in bringing high quality, beautiful original artworks to home and commercial spaces. Matilda Swanson Galleries offer an eclectic selection of fantastic original artwork from over 45 professional Canadian artists.
With two galleries the primary gallery newly located and open in Collingwood and in Stratford, Ontario."

Content Production for Matilda includes:

Social Media Marketing: Photography & Videography, Content Management, Web Assistance, Event Planning Assistance

2023 - 2024

Elevated Art Experiences

Creating immersive Art Events, Gallery Openings, Live Music Nights and more.

Matilda Gallery & Art Bar has been open since May 2023 and so far we have hosted 12 events and over 200 artists.

In 2024 we will continue to inspire with more high-quality art, elevate the events with a full menu from the kitchen, provide more workshop and weekly experiences to attend to.