Cannabis Cannabis

Custom lighters, skateboards and an entire CLAIRE UPCYCLED eco fashion collection available at Cannabis Cannabis in downtown Stratford, ON. A stunning, upcycled space carrying eco-conscious cannabis products and all of your cannabis indulgents!

Custom Lighter Design

"Spaceship Visionary" design for Cannabis Cannabis lighters.

My goal with this design was to have the customer connect to their third eye, and have their ideas feel like they're taking off.
Especially after you light up ;)

Limited Quantity

Available until they're not at:

Cannabis Cannabis
Stratford, ON.

Light Up

Grab your favourite candle and crystals and create a healing sanctuary for yourself to indulge into.

My crystals here are:

Smokey Quartz


Artwork by myself
Design assembled by Jordan Eady

Available for purchase at
Cannabis Cannabis.


Reimagined art for your walls.

Add your own trucks and wheels to ride on these babies, OR
hang one on your wall as art.

Super limited quantity!

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