Audio Tours

Welcome to Destination Stratford Audio Tours!
I was happy to digitally illustrate 8 posters for this project which introduce 8 different audio tours you can do in Stratford.

*posters were formated to be hung on all 4 corners as seen in this photo*

Insta-Worthy Spots

Takes you to all of the most popular spots to take photos in Stratford. If you didn't post it on Instagram did you even go?

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The Chocolate Trail

Speciality tour that you buy passes for at the Destination Stratford office. The passes are like tokens you can use to exchange for treats at 5 different locations on a huge map of the Chocolate Trail.

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Art Walk

Takes you on a journey through Stratford to a ton of places where you can find ART! Gallery Stratford, sculpture sites, murals and more.

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Stratford Gardens

Stratford is definitely known for it's incredibly cared for gardens in the Spring/Summer season. If you're looking to get a dose of colour, or even a site for photos, check out this tour.

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Justin Bieber Audio Tour

If you have the Bieber Fever, like me, you're going to want to take this tour. Probably the most walked tour in Stratford. Be sure to go to the Stratford Perth Museum to check out how insanely successful this artist has become.

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Tom Patterson Audio Tour

Interested in the history of how Stratford came to be one of the top tourist destinations in Ontario? Definitely check out this tour.

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Bacon & Ale Trail

People seem to love this trail! Features local breweries and more.

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Bronze Star Audio Tour

Know of someone who is Stratford famous as they say? They probably have a star downtown. Take this tour to see who has been nominated some fame here.

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