Rhubee Beer Label

Honoured to have created the label for Avling Kitchen + Beer's, "Rhubee"!

"The self-identifying women of Avling gathered to brew this puckering libation on International Women’s Day. Rhubee represents and reveals the beauty that lies within collaborative and educational women-led projects."

Part of the proceeds of Rhubee are to be donated to Nellie’s Women’s Shelter

Witchy & Powerful

I was so excited to design something that represented Women in a powerful, confident way.

Designs included:
- Beer label
- Poster design
- Tote bag design

Tastes like..

Rhubee is a wild fermented sour ale aged on rhubarb, cucumber and silky, sweet honey.

Visit Avling Kitchen + Brewery in the east end of Toronto. Especially the rooftop garden!

Visit Avling!