The Pulp

Fruit the F Up!

The Pulp Fresh Bar
95 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON
(new location)

Digital illustration printed on waterproof, weatherproof material and mounted onto a wall outside.
2.75 x 7 ft. approx.

Owners of The Pulp approached me with the desire for a vibrant, colourful, delicious fruit and vegetable artwork. Their mission was to have a mural-like artwork outside of their business to attract pedestrians and customers off of the street.
Instead of painting on the wall, I suggested creating a digital illustration that we could blow up and print, to then mount on the wall.

The "Pros" with Digitally Illustrated Murals

- Custom sizing
- Weatherproof printing
- More detail in artwork and less time spent applying it (brings the cost down)
- Colours print out vibrant and rich
- Easy installation
- Can take the artwork with you wherever you end up going!

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Visit The Pulp!

This photo was taken outside of their former location, go check out their new location on Ontario Street.

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