Creating a Colouring-Book-Style Mural
for & with the community

Initiated & funded by STEPS Public Art Organization
Facilitated & lead by CLAIRE (me)
Assisted by Stratford BIA
Located in Stratford Market Square, Downtown Stratford, ON.

The Mission

STEPS Public Art organized this "Community Mural Project" to leverage community engagement in determining what sort of public art activations the community would like to see in Stratford.

My job was to create a "Colouring-Book-Style" Mural on one of the sheds (used for community events) in Downtown Market Square.

The aim was to bring the community in and collaborate together to fill the mural in with colour while generating conversation around public art.

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The Process

So I started out by priming the whole shed in primer - shoutout Pamela Coneybeare for helping with that step!

Next step was figuring out a way to fill the shed with drawings that reflected all different aspects of Stratford's community and culture.

I decided to work with the linear structure of the shed and did my best to fill in every space with a range of drawings from simple to more detailed so the community could choose how involved they wanted to get!

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The Experience

After spending a few hours the day before covering this shed in drawings, it was time to hand it over to the community to fill it in with colour and room for more drawings!

The day started at 11am, and the folks of Stratford were there and ready to go!

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An All-Ages/ All-Groups Event!

Experiencing this day was so magical and fun.

From toddlers, to kids, to teens, to adults and seniors, this event brought out the diversity of the community in so many ways.

It was so incredible to watch people interact with the mural and colour-in or create new drawings in their own unique way.

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Just want to also mention that it was 30 something degrees out this day in July and we STILL had an amazing turnout of people all day from 11am-5pm!

There were many tourists also just passing by the mural that wanted to get involved and leave their mark on Stratford!

Go Check It Out!

The Community Mural Shed lives in Market Square today and has been a part of the Lights On Festival since - getting lit up with colourful lights to illuminate the drawings.

Although the paint markers have slightly faded on the shed, the impact lives on.

I absolutely loved getting to create and collaborate with so many familiar and new people at this event.

Thank You to Everyone Who Participated!

Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm, good energy and colourful souls to brighten up our public spaces in Stratford, Ontario.

It is so important that we continue to make events like these happen.

If you wish to see and participate in more initiatives like this, let the Stratford BIA know!

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