So this is where it started...

Mid-wild-hot-summer, the gallery window at Matilda Gallery Art Bar gets smashed in the middle of the night.

Plywood Is Up!

Thanks to the community - we had a quick plywood installation put up - and as much as it was cute, it wasn't cute enough..

Matilda Gallery & Art Bar

Opened in 2023, Stratford-based Matilda Gallery & Art Bar expands what we offer visitors and artists alike. In our Art Bar, visitors can enjoy a glass of wine and a snack while exploring the gallery, taking in live music, and connecting with like minded people. The Art Bar is a multifunctional space set up for artist-led workshops, performances, private events, adult birthday parties, date nights, studio rentals and more!


Emergency murals are a thing.


I free-handed this mural in about 20 minutes with a pencil, looked through my stash of paints, and started painting.

The only thing I was thinking was:


Read more about the process in the article below that was featured in the Stratford Times Newspaper :)