Vintage Canadian Tire Sign

Perth County Inn
4 Huron Street, Stratford, ON

Owner, Bruce Whittaker, found an old, vintage, super worn and torn in half - (literally) Canadian Tire sign in the basement of what used to be the Family & Company. After undergoing a major renovation, flipping the building into a modern, boutique hotel with 3 accompanying businesses, he put a huge effort in preserving history in the building, noting that this exact location used to be an original Canadian Tire!

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Collaborative Project

So instead of discarding the relic, he incorporated it into the hallway of the hotel, where he asked if the sign could be completed in a way that brings modernity and history together.

This was a collaborative project with my mom, Caryn Dunfield Scott, who is incredibly skilled with illustration, design, measurements and planning. We tackled this together to give the stencil a vintage look.

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